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Douglas “Ed” Harrington, Senior Pastor of Shekinah Holy Temple Church, decides to retire. Now, he must choose one of his three children to be his successor. Unbeknownst to William and Constance, the two children who lobby the most for the position, their powerful father has already made his decision. He chooses his youngest—and least religious child—Douglas.


Being given the opportunity to become the Senior Pastor and First Lady of one of the largest churches in Chicago is a blessing that the cash-strapped Douglas and Katherine Harrington aren’t expecting. Douglas has seven days to accept the position. William and Constance have seven days to convince their head-strong father that Douglas is not ready for the position. So, they start mining for dirt on their younger brother. However, the ambitious siblings don’t realize there is someone in their midst who knows that the “Douglas” with the most skeletons, is the one they revere the most.

In her first novel, Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King, takes readers on an edge of their seat, pearl-clutching tour, of what goes on in some mega churches after the congregation leaves. ReveLAYtion will show how one secret can lead to three decades of deception.  Readers will be left examining their own emotional scars and exploring how the residue of their past has affected their ability to forgive those who’ve hurt them.


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