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"Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That's why it's such a powerful weapon"

- Nelson Mandela




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Kassidie Noel Winters

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"One of my goals is to give people hope and empowerment to forgive those who silenced them."

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What are people saying about "ReveLAYtion"


“I found the book ReveLAYtion to be very intriguing and exciting. It kept me wanting to read the next page to see what new thing each character was involved in now! Very captivating. I can also appreciate how Dr. Ketra handled very prevalent issues in our society and the church. Unfortunately, the facts are prevalent in the church today, and this book acknowledges that church hurt and sexual lust exist and is a very real thing that is often overlooked and not discussed openly! Sexual addiction is a serious problem, one this book addresses in various situations. ReveLAYtion has inspired me as a Pastor to reflect and address these topics in an informed manner.”

 A very well-written book!

– Pastor Willie L. King

Full Gospel Fellowship Church Mansfield