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A Novel
"When your Blurred Past, Meets your Present"

Douglas “Ed” Harrington, the Senior Pastor of Shekinah Holy Temple Church, has decided to step down and retire after thirty years. Now, he must choose between his three children to become his successor. The two obvious choices, William and Constance, are lost for words when they learn that Pastor Harrington has chosen Douglas the least expected one.


Douglas and his wife are faced with making a life-changing decision that will change the trajectory of their lives forever. They have seven days to accept the offer or lose it. At the same time, William and Constance have seven days to convince their headstrong father that Douglas is not the one to become the next senior pastor. Their plot begins as they start digging for dirt on their brother. However, the two ambitious and undermining siblings don’t realize someone in their midst knows their dirty little secrets.


Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King will have you on the edge of your seat in this gut-wrenching drama-filled novel that will leave you in complete shock. ReveLAYtion will unfold how one dark secret can lead to three decades of deception and destruction. You will be left examining and exploring how the residue from your past can affect you and your ability to forgive those who’ve hurt you.


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Dr. Ketra’s book ReveLAYtion was an amazing literary work that was thought-provoking, challenging, and healing. It dove into the realities of many of our church experiences. Her book exposed evils that are hidden every day. Dr. Ketra was able to use the characters and the plot to bring the stories Christ preached to life. She teaches us the importance of truth, forgiveness, and how secrets can kill. This book was life-changing for me and I believe anyone that reads it will also be changed forever. --

- Jaymi Davis, Author


“I found the book ReveLAYtion to be very intriguing and exciting. It kept me wanting to read the next page to see what new thing each character was involved in now! Very captivating. I can also appreciate how Dr. Ketra handled very prevalent issues in our society and the church. Unfortunately, the facts are prevalent in the today, and this book acknowledges that church hurt and sexual lust exist and is a very real thing that is often overlooked and not discussed openly! Sexual addiction is a serious problem, one this book addresses in various situations. ReveLAYtion has inspired me as a Pastor to reflect and address these topics in an informed manner.”


A very well-written book!

– Pastor Willie L. King

Full Gospel Fellowship Church Mansfield

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