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FREE! A Spiritual Roadmap to Forgiveness 90-day Prayer and Reflection Devotional is a collection of affirmations, prayers, and bible verses to guide you from unforgiveness to forgiveness. True forgiveness begins within the heart. To move from hurt to happiness, three steps will occur in the process; you will identify, admit, and accept what you could not control. As you spend time in this interactive devotional, dedicate ninety days to hearing from God and reflecting on what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen in your life. Open your heart and commit yourself to becoming FREE through forgiveness as you cut the cords that have held you captive. Ultimately, forgiveness is for YOU, my friend!


Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King has served in ministry for over 20 years as a speaker, life-skills advocate, business consultant, mentor, and educator. She has inspired women, men, boys, and girls to speak their truth and regain their lost voices. In 2004, she opened the doors to Life After Advocacy Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps women, children, and men reclaim their lives from all origins of sexual assault. She is a testimony of God’s ability to turn your greatest pain into your greatest blessing. Dr. Ketra resides in Mansfield, TX, with her husband and is the proud mother of two adult children and a grandchild.

FREE! A Spiritual Roadmap to Forgiveness 90-Day Prayer and Reflection Devotional

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    Dr. Ketra L. Davenport - King

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